Collection: New Collection "Animal Armour"

Title: Animal Armour

Date: 2023

Artist Statement

As a Taiwanese woman born and raised in the Kingdom of Eswatini, I use my art to explore themes of identity, expressing my unique experiences through handcrafted wearable designs.

Delving deeper into jewelry as a form of artistic expression, my latest collection, 'Animal Armour,' delves into the concept of female fragility and the empowerment found within it.

Drawing from my personal journey, including overcoming experiences of sexual assault, this collection represents reclaiming my narrative. It transforms emotions of anger and disappointment into symbols of empowerment and beauty.

Rooted in my deep connection to nature, particularly the fauna of Eswatini, I found visual inspiration in the majestic horns of male antelopes. These horns, symbols of protection in the animal kingdom, inspired designs that reflect resilience and strength in adversity.

Each piece in the collection, like the unique horns in nature, embodies individuality and strength. They serve as powerful symbols of protection and empowerment.

'Animal Armour' celebrates strength and vulnerability, offering wearers a tangible connection to resilience. Each piece is designed to empower, embodying both fragility and strength within a wearable form of armor.