Collection: New Collection "Animal Armour"

Title: Animal Armour

Date: 2023

Artist Statement

As a Taiwanese woman born and raised in the Kingdom of Eswatini, I use my work to grapple with issues of identity, and interpret my unique experiences through hand-fabricated, wearable designs.

I decided to explore jewelry more as a form of artistic expression this year (especially after everything we've been through), and created my newest collection entitled Animal Armour. In this collection I explore the concept of female fragility and what it means to find power within it. 

My personal interpretation of female fragility is translated through my own experience as a victim of sexual assault. This collection was a way of taking control of my narrative and channeling emotions of anger, disappointment and rage into empowerment and beauty. 

As someone who is intrinsically connected to the natural world, I looked to the natural fauna of Eswatini as a source of visual inspiration. I observed different species of male antelope and aimed to capture the essence of their horns and their movement in the natural landscape. Horns are a form of protection in animals, sitting atop the heads of these bovidae like majestic crowns. I wanted to emulate that in this collection, and create pieces that reminded me of my own grit and tenacity, and in turn the wearer's. 

As with my pieces, each horn is slightly different and truly unique to its owner. They are powerful symbols of strength and protection. 

I designed these pieces as an homage to strength, in which the wearer can feel both empowered and fragile wearing a piece of armour.