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Anica Lin Jewelry

Indigo | 14kgold, carre cut, aquamarine ring

Indigo | 14kgold, carre cut, aquamarine ring

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U.S Ring Size = 4.5

Aquamarine details: Carre cut, double blue grade aquamarine. Length: 0.65cm, width: 0.75cm, height: 0.45cm

Width of the ring band (shank): 0.2cm 

Ring band style: Flat

Entirely handcrafted by Anica Lin in her studio, this ring is the perfect addition to one's outfit. 


Precious metal: 14k Yellow gold (58.30%  pure gold with the rest made up of other alloys) - this precious metal is great for people who are more active as this one is a lot more durable. 

Genuine Gemstone: carre cut, blue aquamarine (0.7cmx0.7cm) from Mozambique. Aquamarine is the birthstone of March and the original talisman for seafarers the aquamarine is a favorite amongst many including the British Royal Family. Aquamarine's are part of the Beryl family and are a greenish blue to blue variety as suggested by the name. Aquamarine is derivative from Latin meaning 'seawater.' 


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