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Altair | meteorite and watermelon tourmaline silver necklace

Altair | meteorite and watermelon tourmaline silver necklace

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Altair 🌌
A name of Arabic origin, comes from the name of the ‘falcon’ star that is part of the Aquila constellation.
A fallen star connected with a part of a rainbow. A pendant to remind you that although at times it feels like the sky is falling around you, you never know what treasures will emerge from the impact.
A reminder for everyone who isn’t having the greatest of days that it’s all part of our human experience. Acknowledge the bad as well as the good. I sometimes think I’m a bit of a pessimist but I’m trying to change my perspective and think of ways that can improve my moods and mindset.
Materials: Pendant and chain sold separately🎐
🎐Pendant is entirely handcrafted with natural gemstones and sterling silver
Meteorite soldered to a watermelon tourmaline claw set in silver.
🎐 silver rope chain


Gemstones: Meteorite (from Namibia) and watermelon tourmaline handcrafted in silver 

Longest length of pendant: 26mm (from the tip of the meteorite to the bottom) 

widest width: 17.3mm

thickness of meteorite: 2mm

thickness of watermelon tourmaline: 2.8mm, with bezel is 3.2mm

gender neutral pendant 


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