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Sumire | Amethyst and cubic zirconia silver earrings

Sumire | Amethyst and cubic zirconia silver earrings

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Sumire, a name of Japanese origin to mean "violet" as an ode to the color of these amethyst earrings. 

Handcrafted, faceted, teardrop shaped, amethyst and cubic zirconia dangle earrings in silver. 

length of earring dangle: 4.6cm 

length of cubic zirconia part: 1.1cm

Number of cubic zirconias: 5

length of amethyst: 2cm

widest width of teardrop: 1.38cm 

type of setting: claw set 

gemstone: faceted teardrop amethyst. 

Amethyst is the birthstone of February. Amethysts were known as one of the cardinal gems. A purple/violet variety of the quartz crystal. It has been around since antiquity (and earlier) and was once believed to ward off intoxication. Amethyst was also found to be present in ancient Egypt. There would be sculptures carved out of amethyst and used as protective amulets. The value of an amethyst is almost entirely based on its color. The highest in value feature a rich, deep purple that reflect flashes of red and blue. While the lighter, pinkish violet shades are known as the "Rose de France

Amethysts are extremely sensitive to heat, make sure your earrings are kept away from a direct heat source. 


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