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Amethyst and pink tourmaline silver pendant

Amethyst and pink tourmaline silver pendant

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A beautiful and elegant handcrafted one of a kind amethyst and pink tourmaline pendant. 

Both of these are cabochons and the pink tourmaline is celebrated in its natural shape, which adds character and depth to the pendant. 

Those who are looking to add a more purple hue to their closet can consider choosing to add this piece to your wardrobe. The rich purple amethyst is complimented by the delicate pink hue of the tourmaline both being analogous colors (this means they sit next to each other on the color wheel) and work harmoniously in creating balance. 

Material: sterling silver, amethyst and pink tourmaline 


Length of full pendant: 32.6mm 

widest width: 15.1mm 

Hidden invisible bail (where the chain hangs from) at the back. 

Pink tourmaline details

Shape is a quadrilateral (four sides and sits like a diamond shape on the top of the pendant) 

length: 11.4mm | width:  8.6mm | height: 3.72mm 

Amethyst details:

Shape is an oval cabochon 

Length: 18.3mm | width: 15.2mm | height: 6.2mm

*NB chain is not included in the price, please shop our chain selection if you would like to pair it with a chain. 

*Only one available.


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