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Amethyst and silver granule ring

Amethyst and silver granule ring

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This wonderful statement ring is handcrafted and set with a beautiful cabochon, royal purple amethyst. 

Amethysts are said to be protective stones and are some of the most sought after for their stunning, natural purple color. They are known to be calming for both mind and spirit. 

This statement ring has six silver granules on each side of the amethyst soldered to shank in the shape of a triangle. This is to pull the focus of the eye to the center gem, the star of the show, the amethyst. The granules create texture and decorative motif to highlight the beauty of the amethyst. 


Ring size: 8 U.S

Amethyst cabochon, length: 16.2mm, width: 12.9mm, height: 7.2mm

Six silver granules in the shape of a triangle on each side of the amethyst, width of granules: 5.2mm

Ring shank width: 4mm, thickness: 0.9mm, flat band highly polished look. 

Only one available.

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