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Plumeria | Amethyst silver ring

Plumeria | Amethyst silver ring

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Named after the wonderful summer flowering tree Plumeria, this ring is a celebration of all things bright and blissful. Otherwise known as the frangipani, these flowers are often found in more tropical weather with white and yellow as their frequently seen blossoms. 

Plumeria are rarely seen in a deep violet color and the image is reminiscent of the sweet fragrant smell of summer approaching. I wanted a ring that sang to the sweetness of summer and came up with this particular design and gemstone. Who doesn't love the deep purple colors to remind us of our lustful and joyous hot summer days.  

Amethyst silver ring entirely handcrafted by Anica Lin in her studio.

Ring Size: U.S. 7.5


Oval cut, amethyst gemstone bezel set 

length of oval amethyst: 1.15cm

width of amethyst: 0.9cm

height of amethyst: 0.6cm

Amethyst is a purple/violet variety of the quartz crystal. It has been around since antiquity (and earlier) and was once believed to ward off intoxication. Amethyst was also found to be present in ancient Egypt. There would be sculptures carved out of amethyst and used as protective amulets. 

The value of an amethyst is almost entirely based on its color. The highest in value feature a rich, deep purple that reflect flashes of red and blue. While the lighter, pinkish violet shades are known as the "Rose de France

Amethysts are extremely sensitive to heat. 

Precious Metal: 950 Brittania Silver 

Shape of ring band: Flat silver band 

Width of silver band (ring shank): 0.5cm 


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