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Amethyst statement silver ring

Amethyst statement silver ring

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A stunning, statement ring if I ever did see one. This wonderfully emerald cut amethyst is a one of a kind piece and entirely handcrafted. 

An emerald cut is when a gemstone is cut into a rectangular shape with parallel step facets on each side as well as the corner. 

This wonderful amethyst set in silver lets the color pop and stand out even more as a ring. A unique piece, slowly and carefully crafted in my atelier. 


US Ring Size: 7.5 (may be resized) 

Amethyst emerald cut 

Length of amethyst: 17mm, width: 12mm, depth: 7mm 

textured silver ring shank (also known as the band) 

thickness of silver band is tapered from thick (2mm) to thin (1mm), width of band: 3mm




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