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Anica Lin Jewelry

Aquamarine and diamond bezel set in gold engagement ring

Aquamarine and diamond bezel set in gold engagement ring

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Brilliant Blue Aquamarine and Diamond Gold Ring entirely handcrafted by Anica Lin in her studio. 
Ring Size: U.S. 8.5

Ring Size: U.S. 9.5

1.3ct, brilliant cut, Aquamarine

The original talisman for seafarers the aquamarine is a favorite amongst many including the British Royal Family.

Aquamarine's are part of the Beryl family and are a greenish blue to blue variety as suggested by the name. Aquamarine is derivative from Latin meaning 'seawater.' 

Aquamarines require no special care, you can always use a soft brush, mild detergent, and warm water to clean your aquamarines safely. But like all precious gemstones, are not immune to cracking under extremely rough handling and are considered quite brittle. 

6 POINT round diamonds *2

The Diamond, otherwise known as a woman's best friend has endured the test of time. As an extremely popular choice for engagement and fine jewelry, many jewelers prefer to use diamonds as they are extremely durable. Diamonds are in fact the hardest known natural materials and can only be scratched by other diamonds. 

Precious Metal: 
9K rose gold( the purity of a 9K alloy is 37.5% ­­ – this is the proportion of pure gold it contains.) 9k alloy is extremely hard and durable and prone to less scratching. 

Type of ring band (shank): flat

width of band: 0.2cm


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