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Aquamarine, floral leaf silver pendant

Aquamarine, floral leaf silver pendant

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A wonderful celebration of our ocean life and all the wonderous plant life that exists in it. 

The aquamarine is a gemstone with a lot of history and meaning. It was once said to be a talisman to protect anyone who was on a voyage. The name aquamarine comes from the Latin 'aqua maris' for water of the sea. 

It is known as the birthstone for March and a favorite amongst the British Royal Family. 

This design is inspired by the kelp forests that exist within our oceans. There is only one available making it a one of a kind design. 


Gemstone = aquamarine, quadrilateral in shape, cabochon from Mozambique. 

Longest length of the pendant (including the bail): 33mm 

widest width: 18.1mm

height: 5.7mm

length of leaf on the top left hand side of the pendant: 14.1mm

widest width of leaf: 8.2mm 

*NB price does not include the silver rope chain seen in the picture, silver chain may be purchased separately.

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