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Anica Lin Jewelry

Bohemian-chic inspired, raw tourmaline, silver ring

Bohemian-chic inspired, raw tourmaline, silver ring

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A lovely handcrafted ring set with a raw green tourmaline These long green tourmaline crystals are naturally occurring and make beautiful rings. 

Tourmalines are borosilicates, making them complex structures which is why we can see them in a broad array of colors. The chrome that is present in the tourmalines give us the color green, closest to an emerald. Most of the tourmaline mines are unique in the colors they give off and green is a common one found in the Tanzanian mines. 


Ring Size: US 7.25

width of ring band: 2.75mm

thickness of band: 1mm

Gemstone: Raw green tourmaline 

length of tourmaline: 11.2mm 

width of tourmaline: 3.6mm 

height of tourmaline: 3.3mm



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