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Citrine, Paraiba Tourmaline and Aquamarine silver pendant

Citrine, Paraiba Tourmaline and Aquamarine silver pendant

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Handcrafted Citrine, Paraiba tourmaline and aquamarine silver pendant, uses unheated, natural cabochon cut gemstones. 

The wonderful pendant has a double bail at the back of the pendant, which lets the chain look as if it is part of the design. 

Dimensions and materials: 

Cabochon gemstones from top to bottom: 

  • Citrine (oval cut, Width: 2cm, length: 1.3cm, height: 0.7cm) Mozambique origin. 
  • Paraiba Tourmaline (oval cut, length: 1cm, width: 1.4cm, height: 0.5cm) Mozambique origin.  
  • Aquamarine (teardrop cut, length: 1.2cm, width: 0.9cm: height: 0.4cm) Mozambique origin. 

Widest width: 2cm 

Entire length of pendant: 4.1cm 

NB* Silver Rope chain is not included, sold separately. 

Silver rope chain in the picture has a length of 45cm and is 30 USD, can be found in chains.  


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