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Anica Lin Jewelry

Deconstructed floral silver ring series no.2

Deconstructed floral silver ring series no.2

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Anica Lin's Deconstructed Floral Silver Ring Series No.2 is a one-of-a-kind statement piece inspired by the hibiscus flowers that litter her pathway.
Each flower is different and so is each ring. I wanted to focus on the lines of the petals and how they would look if I manipulated them and how they sat together.



US ring size: 8 

Material: sterling silver

Longest length of ring (of the floral part) : 11.4mm 

widest width (of the floral part): 19.9mm

height of ring  (of the floral part) : 5.9mm 

Type of shank (ring band): half round 

width of shank: 2.9mm

thickness of shank: 1.5mm 

finish: high polished finish


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