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Delicate dioptase silver pendant

Delicate dioptase silver pendant

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This delicate dioptase is handcrafted and set in sterling silver. Dioptases carry a rich, deep green color and this one in particular has a three dimensional, crystal structure that stands out with the setting. A wonderful piece to add to your wardrobe, as if you’re carrying reminders of forests and nature around with you. 

A one of a kind piece, this is the only one of its nature I have in my collection. 

Details and Dimensions: (units: 10mm = 1cm; 2.54cm = inch)

Gemstone: Raw dioptase from Namibia

Length of dioptase: 16.6mm
Width: 12.1mm

Material: sterling silver (925 silver) 

Length of full pendant including bail : 29.68mm
Width of pendant: 14.9mm
Height of pendant: 7.62mm
Length of bail: 7.28mm (The bail is where the chain slides through and is where the pendant hangs from.)

NB: chain is sold separately and not included within the price. Please shop the category chains in order to purchase the chain. 

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