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Fern | green tourmaline, 14k gold ring

Fern | green tourmaline, 14k gold ring

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Named after the lush green fern forest of the blue mountains in Sydney, this ring is reminiscent of a vintage style because of the way it is made. 

Natural green tourmaline cabochon claw set in solid 14karat yellow gold ring.

The 14k Yellow gold makes it a very durable ring that can be worn almost everyday without any problems. A beautiful ring to pair with any outfit and one that brings the memories of forests to you. 

Materials: Oval shaped green tourmaline, length: 1.2 cm, width: 0.7cm, height: 0.35cm

Tapered ring band and the widest width of the ring band (shank) at the bottom: 0.2cm

US ring size 6 | HK ring size 13 

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