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Forest inspired aquamarine silver ring

Forest inspired aquamarine silver ring

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This piece is entirely handcrafted and inspired by our love of forests. 

An iconic piece with the intention of reminding us to protect and love our natural world. The forests and our oceans are in dire need of our help and we have to try our best to save what we can. A beautifully slow crafted piece, reminding us all to take a breath and remember that we are all part of a larger ecosystem that needs everyone to pitch in. 

US Ring size: 9 (you may contact me to place an order of a similar design and pick your own raw aquamarine gemstone) 

The middle gemstone is a polished, raw aquamarine that is 6 piece claw set with the branches of forests (made out of silver). 


Aquamarine origin: Mozambique, rough cut, polished. 

Length of gemstone: 10mm, width: 9.5mm, height: 5.5mm 

Ring shank width: 3.2mm, rounded textured band, thickness: 1.6mm 


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