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Gold Sapphire ring

Gold Sapphire ring

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14CT solid yellow gold, handcrafted and set with 4 faceted sapphires (oval and round cut).

This beautiful, brilliant ring was designed with the forest color scheme in mind, the light blue representing the sky, the earthy green the forest floor and the dark blue the areas where the sun light doesn't fully reach where the moss and the ferns grow. Otherwise known as the shaded light in the canopies. 

One of my fascinations is nature and our natural world that it seemed fitting to create a ring that reminded me the wonderful colors of forests. 


Ring size: 7 US

A polished finish with a flat gold shank (band)

width of ring band: 2.57mm 

thickness of band: 0.9mm 

Gemstones: Sapphires (each with their unique colors) 

Total number of sapphires: 4 

1 * oval cut: length: 6.5mm, width: 5mm, depth: 3mm 

2 * medium sized round cut: diameter: 5mm (set together with a total diameter of 10mm) 

1 * small sized round cut: diameter: 4.5mm

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