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Green and watermelon tourmaline silver dangle earrings

Green and watermelon tourmaline silver dangle earrings

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Silver, handcrafted, dual gemstone, medium, dangle earrings. 

Entirely designed and handcrafted pair of earrings with naturally shaped oval and semi circle tourmalines.


Ear hook design, with both earrings entire length measuring at 4.5cm (top the ear hook to the bottom of the semi-circle watermelon tourmaline. 

Length of earrings from the top of the oval to the bottom of the watermelon tourmaline: 3cm

widest width: 0.8cm 

Top Gemstone: Green tourmaline cabochon (completely natural)

length of ovals: 1cm 

width of ovals: 0.8cm & 0.9cm 

height of ovals: 4.7cm

Bottom Gemstone: Watermelon tourmaline semi circle (completely natural)

length of semi-circles: 12.5mm

widest width of semicircles: 6.7mm

height of semi circles: 3.2mm

A beautiful pair of earrings that can be worn in two ways or paired with a stud. Each item is one of a kind and only a single pair is made in this design. 


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