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Iolite (cordierite) silver signet ring

Iolite (cordierite) silver signet ring

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This ring is entirely handcrafted in sterling silver. It is designed to look like a signet ring with the gemstone being in place of where one would normally place their family crest. 

The gemstone in the middle is indeed special. It is called an Iolite, or as mineralogists like to call it coredierite. It has also sometimes been incorrectly referred to as a 'water sapphire'. Iolites are special as they are gemstones that are seldomly treated. They have a deep silver-gray shade of blue, which sometimes can reflect shades of yellow from different angles. 


Iolite 5.1mm x 5.2mm - faceted from Tanzania. 

Size of ring: US 10.75

width of ring: 5.4mm 

Tapered ring shape, width of the back of the ring: 2.4mm 

thickness: 1.9mm

Message me for more details if you're interested. 



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