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Anica Lin Jewelry

Men's Aquamarine thick silver ring

Men's Aquamarine thick silver ring

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I like to create items that transcend gender therefore when I designed and made this ring I didn't necessarily have a specific gender in mind, but what I did want was a thick and chunkier ring set with an aquamarine. 

I liked how the gemstone fell in the middle and decided to call it a men's ring because of how much girth the ring had and thought more men would gravitate towards the size of the ring. I personally love this ring and would wear it if it was my size. 

I also want to encourage more men who are interested in jewelry to go for it, wear that jaw-dropping piece you stumble upon. Jewelry is for everyone. 


U.S Ring Size: 10.5

width of largest width: 1.1cm 

thickest part of the ring: 1.5mm

Gemstone: round cut aquamarine 

diameter of gemstone: 0.7cm

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