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Anica Lin Jewelry

Modern, rugged, raw emerald, Silver Ring

Modern, rugged, raw emerald, Silver Ring

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Handcrafted, rugged, contemporary, raw emerald ring made with sterling silver and a polished finish. 

This wonderful emerald ring has four beautiful raw emeralds (that come from Zimbabwe). Designed to mirror the beauty of raw emeralds that come from the Earth, this design is a celebration of all the imperfect beauties that surround us, making all of us unique and special. 


US Ring size: 7.75

Tapered thick silver rounded band front width: 5.5mm, back width: 4.6mm, band thickness: 2.5mm

textured setting with four emeralds from left to right width of emeralds: 4.2mm, 2.8mm, 3.1mm, 3.2mm

length of emeralds (from left to right):2.7mm, 2.8mm, 3.2mm, 3.1mm

unheated, forest green emeralds from Zimbabwe, personally sourced. 

Only one ring available and cannot be resized due to the fragility of the emeralds. 

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