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Open Silver Petal Ring

Open Silver Petal Ring

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This lovely handcrafted ring is inspired by my friend Manu (one of the first people who believed in my work as a goldsmith in the beginning of my career). I am forever grateful to such a wonderful friend. 

I played around with the design and concept and each ring looks different to the next. This one reminds me of the curled up leaves in autumn. As the weather changes and the leaves begin to change color, curl up and drop. The brisk, chilly wind and the smell of fall in the air. A reminder of how things change and time passes. 

Details: Each ring is handmade with solid silver making the designs unique and one of a kind. 

Dimensions: All measurements are in millimeters, 10mm = 1cm 

Ring Size: 5.75US +/- 1 full size as it is an open ring. 

Widest width of both petals: 22.4mm

Length of longest petal: 19mm, widest width: 12mm

length of shorter petal: 16mm, widest width: 9.5mm

Ring shank (also known as the band): Half round band

width of shank: 3mm 

thickness of shank: 1.5mm

Message me if you would like to order one in a different size and I can create a custom order for you. 

Thank you!


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