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Volans | Namibian Rectangular meteorite silver pendant

Volans | Namibian Rectangular meteorite silver pendant

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Collection: Astral dust collection

Star jewelry 

As an ode to the massive galaxy we are apart of, I created this collection 'Astral Dust' and thought it would be wonderful knowing you were wearing shooting stars around your neck.

Rectangular meteorite silver pendant


Length of pendant: 1.75cm

Width of pendant: 1.25cm

Height of pendant: 0.4cm

claw set with silver.

Length of bail: 0.8cm

length of entire pendant: 2.55cm


Meteorite (sourced from Namibia) is a solid piece of debris that has broken off from an asteroid, a comet or a meteoroid in outer space. Meteorites are unusual as they originate in outer space and survive their passage through Earth's atmosphere. Upon entering the atmosphere, it undergoes copious amounts of friction, pressure and chemical reactions that turn into a meteor, a fireball or otherwise known as a shooting star. 

Meteorites (because of their Iron composition) are sometimes prone to rust and require to be maintained in areas of low humidity. If you are not planning to wear your meteorite jewelry please ensure they are packed away in airtight, sealed bags, using small ziplock bags are fine. 


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