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The holey silver signet ring

The holey silver signet ring

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Presenting the holey signet ring from my contemporary signet ring collection, meticulously crafted to embody my artistic aesthetic. Each piece is designed to be a modern interpretation of traditional signet rings, which have served as symbols of identity and authority throughout history. This design offers a distinct and captivating conversation starter for the wearer, rooted in centuries-old tradition.

This is the perfect piece for you if you are looking for something quite different. 


  • US ring size 6.75 *can be custom ordered in other sizes. 
  • Tallest height of ring: 6.1mm
  • Widest width of signet ring: 3mm
  • Entirely handcrafted 
  • Solid sterling silver *can be custom ordered in 14k & 18k gold 
  • Available for pre-order only, takes 1-2 weeks to create. 
  • Finish: Polished





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