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Aquamarine and Garnet, retro-inspired, silver pendant

Aquamarine and Garnet, retro-inspired, silver pendant

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Did you know: 

I call them teardrop and triangular cut because of their shapes. This pendant is a lovely combination of two types of cut gemstones with a cylindrical bail at the top, giving it a retro look. 
The top triangular cut CABOCHON gem is an aquamarine and the bottom red garnet is a CABOCHON teardrop cut gem.

Cabs (short for cabochons, comes from French) are gems that have been cut to a shape with no angles and is smooth and polished.

Faceted cut gems are cut in an precise manner to create angles that reflect light within the gem.

Both forms of cutting are an art form and require a lot of skill. In order to achieve the shiny (polished) look one has to finish off the cutting by polishing with either diamond or sapphire powders and tools.


Length of entire pendant (including the bail): 3.55cm 

sterling silver metal 925

Cylindrical silver bail

Sits at the top of the pendant, is the part where the chain slides through and holds up the pendant. 
diameter: 0.35cm
length of cylinder: 1.1cm 

Aquamarine (top, ocean blue cabochon) :

The top part of the pendant where you see an upside down, triangular, cabochon cut, ocean blue looking gemstone.
Aquamarine gemstone has natural inclusions within it.  
width: 1,7cm
length: 1,3cm
height: 0,4cm

Red Garnet gemstone (teardrop cabochon at the bottom) 

length: 1.4cm 
width: 0.85cm
height: 0.25cm


NB* Chain is not included in the price, please browse my chains collection if you are interested in purchasing a chain with the pendant.



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