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Rhea | Amazonite handcrafted silver necklace

Rhea | Amazonite handcrafted silver necklace

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Rhea - A name of Greek origin reminiscent of the strong Amazon Women. A pendant that reminds each of us to look inward to find your own strength. 

Teardrop, cabochon, amazonite, silver necklace entirely handmade in Anica Lin's studio. 


Length of full pendant: 3.5cm 

Width of pendant: 2.1cm

Length of teardrop Amazonite: 2.2cm 

width of teardrop: 1.9cm 

height of amazonite:1.2cm 


Amazonite gemstone is named after the Amazon river because of its dark green blue colors. Amazonite is also given the name as the gem of courage and truth. They are believed to empower us to seek truth and integrity in a hope to work together and live in harmony and peace. 

*NB - Chain is sold separately and not included in the price.

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