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watermelon and rubellite tourmaline silver pendant

watermelon and rubellite tourmaline silver pendant

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This stunner of a pendant was designed with the gems as the center pieces. 

A retro-inspired, one-of-a-kind pendant is handcrafted with sterling silver set with a watermelon and rubellite tourmaline. 

The teardrop shaped rubellite tourmaline hanging at the bottom of the pendant is one of the most sought after colors in the tourmaline family. The pinkish red that is almost purplish red highlights the rarity of the gem. If you take a closer look at it, it looks as if it is glittering in the light (an occurrence that is completely natural).

Details: Handcrafted, sterling silver, watermelon tourmaline & rubellite tourmaline. 


length of pendant: 4cm 

Bail (where the chain slides through)

shape: cylinder 
length: 1cm
diameter: 0.514cm
Top gemstone: natural, unheated, triangular-like shaped, cabochon watermelon tourmaline. 
widest length: 1.06cm 
longest height: 1.26cm
gem depth (thickness): 0.32cm
Bottom gemstone: rare, unheated and natural, teardrop shaped rubellite tourmaline 
longest height: 2.24cm
widest length: 1.39cm 
gem depth (thickness): 0.84cm
*NB price does not include the silver chain, please browse chains for more options. 
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